3uTools 3.08.023 Crack + License Key 2024 Free Download

3uTools 3.08.023 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download

3uTools Crack

3uTools Crack is free software to help you manage your iOS device data on your computer or laptop. Your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can access a wealth of information: apps, books, ringtones and more. The data management tool offers one-click jailbreak for your iDevice. 3uTools is a tool for flashing and jailbreaking Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It offers three ways to flash Apple mobile devices Easy Mode, Professional Mode or Multi-Flash, automatically selects the appropriate firmware and supports fast download speed. 3uTools Latest Version Free Download Windows PC . This is a complete offline installer of 3uTools.

Super efficient iOS file and data management!

The application allows you to easily manage your apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos and other media files. Full view of various iOS device statuses including iCloud activation, jailbreak, battery and lock status, as well as detailed iOS and iDevice notifications.

Lots of apps, ringtones and wallpapers

Different apps, different ringtones and unique wallpapers are waiting for you to download and enjoy for free.

Flash and jailbreak are so smart

Automatically adapt existing firmware for iOS devices. Support iOS flash in normal mode, DFU mode and recovery mode. One Click Jailbreak makes Jailbreak very simple and easy. Enhanced features including SHSH backup, baseband upgrade/downgrade and more.

The all-in-one iOS assistant has fun and useful features

It has developed multiple features for iOS users like data backup, ringtone maker, video converter, invalid icon remover and more. When you launch the program, 3uTools provides a detailed overview of the connected iOS device. You can view an iPad, iPhone, or iPod image in high quality. Key device information is displayed on the right, including iOS version, serial number, and battery percentage. You can tell if you have a useful jailbreak. The hard drive capacity bar shows the categories that are taking up space on your iDevice. The percentage bar shows the number of GB used and the total GB available.

To the left of the iDevice tab is a list of items where you can view iOS information, Apps, Photos, Music, Ringtones, Videos, Books, Disks, Data, Files, and General Gadgets. User interface with iDevice, Applications, RT and WP, Flash and JB, Toolbox and Tutorials. “RT & WP” stands for ringtones and wallpapers.

In the “Toolbox” category, you can control most of the commands: manage files, transfer data, erase all data, stop iOS updates, etc. The “Flash and JB” panel allows you to flash and jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. In the left pane, you can flash or jailbreak your iOS device. 3uTools recommends backing up data before flashing or jailbreaking devices. You can complete both modes in one click by clicking the blue button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can see the progress in the interface.

All in one manager for iOS users

3uTools for PC is a feature-rich program that allows you to edit iOS media files in a user-friendly interface. Additional platform options include: SHSH backup, DFU mode, iCloud lock, downgrade, and baseline upgrade. You can manage apps, open SSH, compress photos, convert audio and video content and much more. There are no ads in the 3uTools app.

Easy to install and use

The 3uTools installation process is relatively simple as no configuration is required. However, in order to use various features of the tool, you need a working knowledge of jailbreak and other firmware versions. When you run the software for the first time, you need to connect your iOS device to your computer. After connecting, the tool recognizes the device and opens a dashboard with various functions.

Simple and clean interface

You can easily access the main features of 3uTools from the main dashboard that opens after the installation is complete. In the pop-up window, view the image of the device associated with some data. You can easily see the device model, installed iOS version, storage capacity, product type, model number, IMEI and UDID and other information. If you click More, you can get more information about your device and save everything in a text file.

Besides displaying primary information about the device, there are other buttons and tabs like Reboot, Shutdown, Jailbreak Flash, Easy Flash, Pro Flash, Jailbreak and Advanced, each offering different functionality for users who want to manage or jailbreak devices. . your devices. Users also get a special tab to download the firmware and check if it supports flash or jailbreak.

Smart jailbreak device

You can use different tabs of 3uTools Jailbreak to unlock advanced features of your device. The Easy Flash option allows users to import official firmware updates without using an Apple account. This option also allows you to see the mode in which you have connected the device. It doesn’t matter if your device is in Normal, DFU or Recovery mode during jailbreak.

The flash jailbreak option allows users to access various other features of the device, including downloading firmware that is not supported by Apple. The Pro Flash Card allows users to flash and activate custom firmware and see if the device they are using supports jailbreak or flash. With one-click feature to trigger the jailbreak process, this tool offers users the ability to downgrade and update the baseline with advanced features like SHSH backup.

Flammability varies

3uTools provides users with different options to install different firmware versions on their iOS device. Basic flash functionality can be easily accessed by simply selecting the desired firmware and clicking the flash button. You can also select advanced features to configure slightly advanced parameters. You can open SSH, mount activations, delete invalid tokens, check system partition size and ignore baseline updates.

All in one manager

Aside from allowing users to jailbreak or flash iDevice, 3uTools also provides several other features for better device management. You can use the tool to restore or backup your iOS device, clear cache files on your desktop, transfer data from one device to another, and check logs in real-time. Jailbreak software allows users to create ringtones, edit videos, compress photos and delete unnecessary data. It is easy to use and can be used as a universal iOS manager.

Features and Highlights

  • Restore Backup
  • Clean up the trash
  • create ringtones
  • Change the video
  • change audio
  • change height
  • Run the data
  • compress photos
  • character management
  • real-time display
  • Logs in real time
  • Delete the invalid symbol
  • Open SSH
  • Stop updating iOS

What’s New?

  • Added iPhone 14 and other new device conversions
  • Optimized Easy Flash and iTunes Flash


  • Clean UI
  • Flash activation and jailbreak
  • virtual state function
  • Advanced and normal mode utilities


  • but they don’t cross the stage
  • Compatible with iOS firmware only

What is 3uTools?

3uTools is a comprehensive PC application that allows you to view and manage information about your Apple device in an intuitive interface. The portable device can be connected to a computer using a USB cable or a WiFi network. The power cord ensures a good connection. You only need to use Wi-Fi if the USB connection doesn’t work.

You can backup and restore data on your phones. 3uTools creates and saves backup files that you can use to restore your iDevice. Deleting unnecessary files, setting passwords, etc. You can manage your backup list. A window will appear where you can choose to back up data to a computer, manage device backup password, or edit the backup list. The recovery method allows you to move the backed up iOS files to a convenient location for you: “Restore Data”. At the bottom of the screen are customizable options: Custom Backup and Custom Restore.

Backup mode has its limitations. Health reports, iCloud photos, iTunes media, keychain content, activity history information, Touch ID settings, and Apple Pay data cannot be backed up. “What is Backup/Restore?” In the upper right corner of the interface you can find detailed information about the different states. The time required for backup and restore depends on the amount of information in the files. You can find the backup and restore button on the iDevice tab below the image and in the Toolbox section on the first line.

Is 3uTools safe to use?

You can safely install 3uTools Free Download on Microsoft Windows PCs and laptops for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 and 64 bit operating systems. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. You can read the privacy policy on their website to understand how the developers handle your data.

Are 3uTools for Mac?

Although 3uTools works with Apple products, the software is not available for Mac. The program is free to use on Windows PCs with portable iOS devices. The application is relatively small and does not take up much space on the computer.

How to change my location on iPhone with 3uTools?

3uTools offers a virtual location mode that allows you to simulate different codes. This feature allows you to bypass the regional restrictions on video games. The Virtual Location button is on the Toolbox tab. You need to enter the latitude and longitude of the desired location and click the Edit Virtual Location button to simulate the new location.

You can restore your current location by tapping the Restore Live Location button. Recovery requires a reboot of the portable device. You can use 3uTools to install fake app. I pogo. Dr.Fone, if unbox, iMaging, and iTools are comparable iOS managers that can be used to organize your media like apps, pictures, music, and more.

You can use Dr.fone and iTools to simulate alternative GPS locations. Dr.Fone offers the most fake feature. You can simulate real-time movements using imaginary paths that you customize with Dr.Fone. All apps are free and offer a nice user interface.

Is 3uTools safe?

3uTools implements various security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information and data. Jailbreaking isn’t illegal, it’s against Apple’s warranty. So if something goes wrong during the jailbreak process, you have to fix it yourself. Also, the jailbreak removes the device’s firewalls created by Apple, so you have to be very careful. while the required app is downloaded. You may not know if you have a malware application installed.

Is 3uTools free?

Yes, 3uTools is free with all features and can be downloaded on any Windows device running Windows 7 and above.

Can 3uTools unlock activation?

Many people wonder if they can use 3uTools to remove or bypass activation lock on iOS devices. The answer is that you can unlock your device through software, but there is no way to remove iCloud activation lock.

3uTools License Key:





3uTools Serial Key:





3uTools Key:





3uTools Key

System Requirements:

  • Working on Windows 7,8,10.
  • It also supports Mac OS.
  • Required Wi-Fi connection for activation.
  • At least 256 MB RAM is required.
  • 50 MB of free disk space is needed.

How to Download 3uTools Crack?

  1. Download the software and run the installation file.
  2. Click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Select the installation method and click “Next”.
  4. Change the installation folder and click “Next”.
  5. Select the components and click Install to start the installation.
  6. After setup is complete, click Close.
  7. Done! Enjoy it.

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