RoboForm 10.4.0 Crack + Activation Code 2023 Download

RoboForm 10.4.0 Crack + Activation Code Full Free Download

RoboForm Crack

RoboForm Crack makes it easy to enter passwords and personal information on a website. It is a password manager that keeps all sensitive data in one place, protected by a password master. You can quickly access those passwords and notes whenever you want. The first thing you need to do is set a master password. The password is important to remember because it allows you to access all the records and information you store in RoboForm. Make sure you enter a strong password, because if someone finds it, they can access all the passwords you have stored in RoboForm.

As an additional security feature, you can choose to have RoboForm close automatically after a certain number of minutes or when you lock your workstation. The software installed in your system tray can store website passwords, security documents and credentials. The first time you start RoboForm, you need to create several names. Enter information such as phone numbers, company address, bank account details and social security number. Once saved in RoboForm, you can fill out the form online with one click. We’ve tried this in a number of different ways and we’re really impressed with how well it works.

When browsing a website, the login is the most used. Every time you enter your website username and password, RoboForm offers to save it. From then on, you don’t have to worry about entering those details when you get to the page, as RoboForm will handle it automatically. To protect against fraud, RoboForm always matches the website URL with the corresponding password. If you have trouble finding the right password, you can use the built-in password generator. You can not only choose the number and type of characters, but also exclude the same characters (like 1 and I or O and 0) or limit to hexadecimal.

For every item you create, RoboForm 5 offers popular encryption algorithms to choose from for your item: Blowfish, AES, RC6, 1DES and 3DES. We may regret that the program does not explain the difference between these algorithms. For most users, we recommend AES or Blowfish, but both provide good coverage. While you can’t beat 1password for Mac, RoboForm is the best password manager for PC. RoboForm Full Version makes accessing websites and filling out forms faster, easier and more secure. The app remembers and securely stores all usernames and passwords when you visit the site for the first time, then automatically provides them when you return.

The login function eliminates the manual steps involved in logging into any online account. With one click, RoboForm lets your PC browse the website, enter your username and password, and click the Submit button. The long registration or check-out form is also easy to fill out. Click on your app ID and the tool will fill out your entire form. You no longer have to remember all your passwords. You remember one Master password and the app remembers the rest. It allows you to use strong passwords, making your online information more secure. This tool uses strong AES encryption for complete data security.

RoboForm is a password manager and web form filler developed by Siber Systems. It allows users to keep their login credentials and personal information secure and automatically log into a profile with this information when users browse the site. The program also includes a password generator that can create strong and unique passwords for users. RoboForm also offers a function called “Identity” that allows users to store their personal information such as address, phone number and credit card information.

This app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android and is also an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera. RoboForm Free Download also offers a feature called “RoboForm Everywhere” that allows users to sync their data across devices and access it from any device. In addition, RoboForm includes a feature called “Shared Folders” that allows users to share specific logins and passwords with other users. The program also has a two-factor authentication function to provide another level of security for users. RoboForm also includes an “Emergency Access” feature that allows users to give someone access to their account if they lose access. .

How RoboForm works?

Submit RoboForm

Scroll down and download the app. Nothing to lose – it’s free and you can see what’s interesting. No credit card required and no referrals.

Choose your Master password.

Your Master Password is the only password you need to remember. This password encrypts and protects all your data.

Remember your password.

There’s no time to get started with RoboForm – just open a website as you normally would. When you visit a website, the application automatically saves your login information. Easy going!

Reset your login.

Now the app remembers your login information, just click on the Login and the app will take you to that place and log in automatically. It’s as simple as using a notebook or hobby. You will not need to type or type any other password.

Access RoboForm anywhere

Access your logins and user IDs across all your computers and devices. This program works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Windows USB drives. It also has applications for the most popular mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Use the Anywhere (Online) service tool to synchronize and restore your data in the cloud, allowing you to enjoy storage and one-click access from anywhere.

Fill out the forms quickly

Use App ID to securely store your name, email address, credit card and other information. Click on your ID tool to automatically fill out all website forms. Save time writing without the hassle!

Create a strong password

Without having to remember or write down your password, you can use Robo’s form to create strong and unique passwords for every website you visit.

Features & Highlights:

  • A simple and seamless password manager for all your devices.
  • Password management: RoboForm maintains and manages login security for all online user accounts.
  • Password Generator: This software includes a built-in password generator that creates strong and unique passwords for each account.
  • Forms: RoboForm automatically fills in personal information when filling out online forms, saving users time and effort.
  • Secure password sharing: Users can share login credentials with trusted parties without revealing the actual password.
  • Two-factor authentication: The app includes additional security features that require users to provide a second type of authentication before accessing their account.
  • Sync across devices: RoboForm can be synced to multiple devices for easy access to incoming information.
  • Multilingual support: The app is available in several languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and more.
  • Backup and Restore: Users can backup their login information and restore it as needed.
  • Automatic login: RoboForm automatically logs into the site automatically, saving users from manually entering login information.
  • Encryption: The application uses AES-256 encryption to keep login information secure.
  • Works on all devices and browsers.
  • RoboForm works in any browser, not just Chrome. And it works on any device, including iOS and Android.
  • One click is better than five: Simply clicking on RoboForm login will take you to the login page, fill in the credentials and click the Submit button on any device.
  • Intuitive and easy to use: Manage your passwords from an intuitive and easy-to-use web editor and browser extension.
  • Zero security information: Only you can access your data. Your password is encrypted using your password – the first RoboForm password you created. We use AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. All encryption/decryption happens on your local device. Your password is never sent to our servers.
  • Import from Chrome or another password manager.
  • Your password is stored somewhere. We make it easy to deliver from anywhere.
  • Other things: Secure password sharing Using RoboForm as an authentic TOTP Get instant access to people you trust and save yourself by filling out any online form.
  • Install our software of choice for offline access Keep up with all installed Internet browsers Support for biometrics such as Windows Hello and Touch ID, as well as access to Windows applications.
  • 24/7 support: We offer 24/7 phone chat and email support.


RoboForm Download

RoboForm Keygen

What’s New?

  • New license program with read-only mode and free device transfer
  • Read-only mode: Even if you don’t have a license, you can view and copy/paste your login information.
  • Free equipment exchange: Free equipment can be transferred to new equipment up to three times.
  • Fixed several bugs in the new RoboForm system.
  • Do not use Google services to get RoboForm data icons, instead we use our own icon service.
  • Install without closing the browser
  • New license application if the free version requires the original installer
  • Could not find RoboForm with “path not found /account.json” error.
  • The OTP box may display the Email OTP method instead of the actual OT method
  • Fixed connection does not work with QuickBooks, MSN, MS Money and other MSHTML based applications
  • Fixed works with Basic Verification window in Chrome 97+
  • Logs Message: Show Verification Code if Logs have two-factor authentication key
  • Improved work with Windows Security windows
  • Fixed import from LastPass
  • Export: Always ask for RoboForm Master Password when users export RoboForm data.
  • Edge: Automatic saving of BasicAuth in Edge 94+
  • Sync: Sync works fast, especially for large files
  • Change the appearance of the sharing settings dialog
  • Fixed import from Keeper, LastPass and Dash lane
  • Fixed rare crash during synchronization
  • Import: Added CMT view as border in CSV file
  • Configure RoboForm using key CPU cycles to access BasicAuth windows in Chrome and Edge
  • Fixed a bug where RoboForm was not integrated with Chrome 92 BasicAuth
  • Security Center: fixed security score and password strength calculation
  • Identity Editor: Improvement of the application to select the values of ‘Card Expiry Year’ and ‘Card Valid Year’.
  • Security: Lock the RoboForm user account for 5 minutes after the user has entered the wrong password 15 times.
  • Fixed list of Norwegian provinces
  • Location: Developed in Germany, Serbia, Sweden
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Biometric authentication: Adding support for biometric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition gives users another layer of security.
  • Auto Backup: The included automatic backup function allows users to easily restore their login information if the device is accidentally removed or lost.
  • Integration with other applications: Integrating RoboForm with other applications such as browsers or email clients makes it easier for users to access their login information.
  • Enhanced security features: Additional security features such as multi-factor authentication, anti-fraud and anti-lock, further protect user login information.
  • Improved user interface: The user-friendly interface makes it easier for users to navigate and manage their login information.
  • Cloud-based synchronization: Cloud-based synchronization allows users to access their login information from any device with Internet access.
  • Virtual keyboard: The on-screen virtual keyboard protects the encoder and makes it safer for users to enter information.
  • Password Verification: The password verification function notifies users when their password has been compromised and generates a new password.
  • Strong encryption: Enhanced encryption used to protect access information gives users an additional level of security.
  • Multilingual support: The addition of multilingual support makes the app easily accessible to users around the world.


  • Secure password protection: RoboForm stores passwords and personal information in a private form, protecting them from hackers and other malicious characters.
  • Automatic Form Filling: RoboForm is a form filling application that saves users time and effort by automatically filling out personal information when filling out online forms.
  • Secure password sharing: The app’s password sharing feature allows users to share login credentials with trusted parties without revealing the actual password.
  • Two-factor authentication: RoboForm includes two-factor authentication for added security.
  • Connect multiple devices: Apps can be synced across multiple devices for easy access to login information.


  • RoboForm is a paid application which may be disadvantageous for some users.
  • Limited free edition: The free version of RoboForm has limited features compared to the paid version.
  • Compatibility issues: Some users have reported compatibility issues with some websites and browsers.
  • Learning curve: Using RoboForm has a learning curve as there are many functions and options that may take time to learn.
  • Security Concerns: Some users may be concerned about the security of RoboForm as it stores all passwords and personal information in one place.

RoboForm License Key:






RoboForm Keygen:






System Requirements:

  • Running systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, also TEN.
  • CPU: At least, X86 CPU or each CPU with a frequency no less than 500 MHz
  • RAM: not more invisible than 512 MB.
  • Available Memory at a Hard drive: Minimum 100MB.

How to Download RoboForm Crack?

  1. Download the software and run the installation file.
  2. Click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Select the installation method and click “Next”.
  4. Change the installation folder and click “Next”.
  5. Select the components and click Install to start the installation.
  6. After setup is complete, click Close.
  7. Done! Enjoy it.

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